Winter Forest Spirit – Reckless Deck Figurine Contest

This is my entry into Reckless Deck’s Figurine Contest, over at

Reckless Deck bills itself as the answer to the question “What should I draw?” It’s a genre-crossing card deck that generates endless new and original characters for sci-fi, fantasy, and comics art.

The standard deck comes with 72 cards, divided into six categories across four genres – Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror & Steampunk. The creator Clark Huggins started a Kickstarter campaign for the project, and it was so successful that Reckless Deck has grown to 4 different decks and several expansions. I for one have backed this project and can’t wait to see the decks in the flesh!

One of the additional stretch goals was a set of figurines…

“… in the new wave of stretch goals we’ve just released, we’ve introduced a reward that’s a little different: four exclusive gaming miniatures based on Reckless Deck characters. With it, we saw a terrific opportunity for a contest, in which the winning artists will have their character designs made into three figurines for the set!”

The rules of the contest were to take at least 3 of the cards already announced, and design an original character with them. I chose Ice Attributes, Animal Skins/Furs, Cloak and Antlers.

After sketching the design in pencil and scanning it in, much of the work was done in Paintstorm Studio, with some minor touchups in Photoshop.


Checkout my official contest entry, & all the great entries from some very talented people!


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