Tech Review: BassBuds Midnights

Off the back of their recent relaunch viral campaign, Bassbuds sent out pairs of their latest earphones to various bloggers and tech sites. As someone who uses (and is known for getting through) ‘phones on a regular basis, I was lucky enough to receive the “Midnight” version of their fashion range, and decided to put them to the test.

The product arrived in a presentation box complete with carry pouch, quick-start instructions for the in-line remote & mic, and a small mountain of spare buds. This is an immediate thumbs up.. all too often with previous earphones I’ve purchased there will only be one set of each size, and either you can’t get replacements of you have to pay additional money for a pack.

One of the main selling points of BassBuds’ earphones revolves around one word.. Crystaltronics, or HD Virtual Surround Sound. In addition, each pair has a Swarovski Crystal embedded into the aluminium housings. The nice thing about the Midnights in particular is that the crystals are black, which match & blend into the design rather than stand out.

In order to test the Midnights, I tried them against a variety of music (Dance, Indie, Metal), and compared them to my current Skullcandy 50/50’s. (Previous to this, I have used RHA, Sony, Philips, & Sennheiser amongst others).

With each test, I continually found that whilst the Skullcandys had a deeper & stronger level of bass, the BassBuds provided a much clearer and sharper listening experience. Individual instruments and vocalists were more identifiable, and the combination felt like a proper collection of notes & sounds. The side-affect of the Skullcandy’s bass is that these sounds end up feeling a bit “squashed” together as it’s fed into your ears. It was only after using the Midnights that I appreciated the potential difference in quality.

Both the in-line remote and mic work very well. The design looks a little small or fragile at first, but the connection & feedback from the button press feels nice & well-made. I was able to listen to a friend without any interference or loss, and when talking they could hear me clearly & consistently.

The only real downside for me at present is that the cable is very thin, and highly prone to tangling outside of the storage pouch. This also makes the earphones feel somewhat fragile. Although they are double wound, I will be monitoring the durability of the wires over the next couple of months. The nice thing about the 50/50’s is that the wires are specially tangle-free, and much thicker. There’s a bit more “weight” to them, and this gives me a bit more re-assurance.

That aside, I can’t really fault them. Bassbuds have produced a really nice product with this range, and the sound quality is definitely great for the asking price.

4 out of 5

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