Sizzle Taster

SpaceHack: A Digital #SizzleTaster

Sizzle Taster

Angela and I recently attended Spacehack, a Digital #sizzletaster event organised by the , and sponsored by Gensler. The theme was simple… how would you design your office? The event was held at The Trampery’s recently acquired office space in Old Street. An empty shell as it stands, people were invited to give ideas on what their ideal workspace would feature, where  they would love to work, and plot their current commute on a giant map of London to create a “travel web”.

There was also a fun questionnaire and “pub quiz” using software from Kahoot, one of The Trampery’s residents. By logging into their web app via mobile and entering the quiz’s game pin, we were able to interact and compete against each other. Fellow sponsors Chipolte also provided some great food, and Optimity rigged up some superfast net access for the event.

Being a “taster”, the event was a hint at future plans for a much larger interaction. The plan is to have a full “space-hack” hackathon, where people will be able to combine their expertises in architecture, interior design, lighting and more.. and come up with a design concept of the office. This will then get presented, and hopefully approved!  News on this full event should develop soon. I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes on it.

You can check out photos from the Sizzle Taster event HERE.

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