Happy New Year!


Ah January. The dawn of a new annum, the last of the mince pies, and the return to the daily commute. Joyous.

However, January is actually a good month for me. Firstly, I’ll be another year older. Secondly, it marks another year that Angela and I have been together. And in just over six months, we will have a new date to celebrate on a yearly basis. The wedding is steadily approaching (and suddenly feels a LOT sooner).. and it’s full steam ahead as we lay out the rest of the organising.

The festive rest is officially over, and my forecast says “Busy as heck” for the foreseeable future.  However, this will also include work of the more creative kind. Yes, that means new design projects are on their way soon, and when we’re not neck-deep in preparations for the big day, I’ll be furiously scribbling concepts and new art pieces.. some of which will be added to my Redbubble Store. (You’ve all seen that by now, right??)

So whatever you have planned, Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to a great 2014 for all of us  :D

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