City Traveller

DeviousCreations & Soul1LDN Collaboration – “City Traveller”

City Traveller

Here’s a WIP preview from a collaborative project between myself and Soul1LDN aka Rob Sullivan. A long-time friend & client as part of 4Motion Music, Rob is a producer &  DJ, and his upcoming EP release “City Traveller” conceptually represents a typical London commute.

For this project though, it’s about more than just the music. It was important to Rob that City Traveller is a visual experience as much as audio. So in addition to designing the artwork and info for the EP, the two of us have spent the past few weeks like train-spotting paparazzi… taking a series of photographs that truly capture what this project is all about. One small twist, is that in keeping with the EP’s instant/accessible  digital-only release, all images were taken using smartphone cameras.

So what’s going to happen with this images? Well, I’ll keep that surprise under wraps for now, but lets just say that as well as a striking cover, there will be a special limited reward incentive for people who pay a little bit more for the release!

I’m really excited about this one. More information to be revealed.. soon.

Soul1LDN on Facebook  |  SoundCloud  |  @souloneldn

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