31st Birthday

31 Years, Man and Boy

31st Birthday

Another year hits me smack in the face before I know it. That’s the thing with having a birthday in January. You’ve barely got Christmas and NYE behind you and BAM. So this year, I opted for a more relaxed affair… a nice break from the usual routine.

To kick things off, a couple of days before the big day Angela took me to see Cirque De Soleil’s Kooza, at the Royal Albert Hall. Having never seen them before, I was especially excited. For Kooza, the company returns to its roots with more traditional circus acts and sequences, but it’s still high on spectacle and enjoyment. The show was fantastic; we spent the whole time either completely amazed or peering through our fingers at the performers’ high-flying antics.

I decided once again to have a video-games night, and so Chez Green played host to a few friends, Halo, Need For Speed Most Wanted, & pizza. As always, this proved to be a lot of fun, if a little competitive! The following morning my parents arrived right on schedule, and we spent the day in the local town before heading out to see what has to be my new favourite Tarantino movie, Django Unchained.

My word, what a film. With such a serious and dark subject matter, it manages with ease to be poigniant, unafraid, and powerful whilst also witty, intelligent and in some places down-right hilarious. It’s difficult to pick out the best performance of the movie.. Foxx, DiCaprio, Waltz, and Jackson sold their characters with gusto, as did the rest of the cast. There’s even cameos by both the director himself, and Franco Nero, who starred in Sergio Corbucci‘s 1966 film Django.

 All in all, not a bad way to be another year older…

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