The MOLER.A.T deep-space mining corporation harvest ore and precious materials from the Theta Quadrant’s asteroid fields. Concept design for a futuristic mode of space travel and resource gathering vehicle……

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DRIFTER header

Drifter – A Serial Sci-Fi Tale

“Drifter” is the realisation of something I have wanted to do for quite some time. It’s part personal project, and part serious foray into science fiction writing. In addition I’ve chosen to produce and release this online in a serialised format, using as a web platform. This is for two main reasons. The first is that…

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Bear Lamp 1260x800

Bear Lamp

As I start toying around with some new ideas for bigger pieces, here’s a little something… a bear (bare) lamp! (Lighting people are now sighing in unison.) Skills Photoshop, Photomanipulation, Mixed media

Portfolio 2013-1

Lighting Design Portfolio

This portfolio provides examples of key projects & design elements I have either been directly involved with or produced as a Lighting Designer at various consulting practises. Over the years I have worked on a wide range of projects across each sector, from initial concept to detailed design & commission. During many of the projects’ lifespan, detailed visuals…

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Fli the Vizsla

This is a 76 x 50cm canvas commission I produced as a gift to my sister for her birthday this year. In February, “Fli” – her family’s vizsla – sadly passed away. She asked me if I could create an art piece and provided a reference image of him “posed” on their Sofa. This is the result. Skills Digital…

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Giant Ben final

Giant Ben

Self-inspired piece, re-imagining one of London’s  most iconic landmarks as a macro scaled, giant-sized futuristic structure. I’ve always adored and been fascinated by metropolis vistas and cityscapes,  both in major hubs around the world, and in realms of science fiction. It’s been something I’ve wanted to “mimic” for some time, and Giant Ben is a…

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Flora Canvas


Christmas is rapidly approaching, and this year I wanted to give my parents something different. My Dad had recently given me a set of handmade pens and I wished to return the favour with a creation of my own. So I decided to design a canvas. After a few “consultations” with them, here is the…

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Re-shape, Re-form. Build Up and Tear Down. Kaliedystopia sees past the Physical, and re-imagines the Tangible. Skills Photography, Mixed Media, Photomanipulation, Photoshop